What happens if I'm not at home when you deliver my gin?

If you're not at home to receive your delivery, Royal Mail will take your box back to your local delivery office, leaving you a 'Something for you Card' informing you of this and giving you the option to collect your box from the depot or arrange for it to be redelivered. If your box is delivered to your requested 'Safeplace' or to a neighbour, a 'Something for you' card will be left for you, detailing the location of your box. On the rare occasion that Royal Mail doesn't leave you a card, simply insert your tracking code into Royal Mail's tracker, which will let you know where your box is. If your box is returned to us, please don't worry! Simply drop us an email at [email protected], and we will have your box sent back out to you ASAP. If you know you'll be away during delivery week, you can always skip the box by logging in to your account here, or contact us on [email protected] to delay the box until you're back. 

We ask that you notify us within 30 days of the originally promised delivery time if your order has not shown up, has shown up damaged or you're experiencing any other issue with your purchase.

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