When will I receive my gin?

Following payment on the 23rd of the month, we allow up to two weeks to get boxes labeled and ready for dispatch and delivery at the beginning of the following month. If you paid later than the 23rd, your box will arrive later in the month. If you've just joined - welcome! Depending on when you signed up, you'll either receive the current box (providing this isn't sold out) or your plan will start in the following month and we'll deliver at the beginning of your base month. We will clearly state which box will be your first during checkout, and we'll keep you updated once we have an approximate delivery date and tracking number. Boxes are sent via EVRi or Royal Mail, so please note that it may take an extra day or two to deliver to addresses within Northern Ireland, the Highlands, and the Channel Islands. Occasionally, depending on local area demand, it can take an additional day to deliver to addresses within the UK mainland. 

We ask that you notify us within 30 days of the originally promised delivery time if your order has not shown up, has shown up damaged or you're experiencing any other issue with your purchase.

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