How do I know if I’ve received my bonus for referring a gin pal?

Our refer-a-friend scheme is changing!

From February 2023, once your gin pal has successfully received their first Gin of the Month box we will automatically apply a £10 discount to your next Gin of the Month subscription box. You’ll also get an email confirming your reward. You can check the status of your rewards by logging into Members Area and clicking the ‘Refer a friend’ tab. 

Only one £10 referral discount can be applied per charge. If you recommend more than one friend, your £10 discounts will be applied across multiple subscription charges. If you are already on an existing offer (including mult-box discounts), your £10 discount will be applied to your subscription charge after the discount period has ended. 

Please note that as of the end of February 2023, the information below no longer applies:

If your gin pal has successfully signed up to Craft Gin Club using the dedicated code you sent them, then your points will be applied to your account 30 days after your gin pal has joined the club

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