Gin Advent Calendar 2023 FAQs

Where can I buy the 2023 Craft Gin Club Gin Advent Calendar?

You can get your hands on our beautiful 2023 Gin Advent Calendar exclusively from the Craft Gin Club online shop here.

How much is the 2023 Craft Gin Club Gin Advent Calendar?

The Craft Gin Club Gin Advent Calendar costs £94.95 with FREE delivery!

Can I use Klarna to purchase a Gin Advent Calendar?

You can! Using Klarna’s ‘Pay in 3’ service you can grab a Craft Gin Club Gin Advent Calendar and pay in three monthly installments of £31.65.

I’m a Craft Gin Club member. Can I use my reward points towards money off a Gin Advent Calendar?

Yes, indeed. Craft Gin Club members can use their reward points towards a voucher that they can then apply at check-out and use towards their Gin Advent Calendar. Find out how to use your reward points towards money-off purchases here.

What size bottles of craft gin will I receive in the Gin Advent Calendar?

Each bottle of amazing craft gin included in your Gin Advent Calendar is 50ml.

Will you be selling a tonic pairing bundle?

Absolutely! You can find perfectly paired tonics in our tonic pairing bundle at our online shop here.

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