Dietary Guidance Overview

In our FAQs you can find some dietary info about our upcoming Gin of the Month boxes!

Whilst the surprise nature of our Gin of the Month boxes means there may be times where we can’t guarantee that someone with a particular dietary requirement will be able to enjoy every item in the box, we want to be as helpful as possible in highlighting this in advance for our members.

Should you have any concerns about the gin and products that feature in your Gin of the Month box, or a future Gin of the Month box, please do read our FAQs or email us directly on [email protected] where our lovely memberships team will be on hand to help. In this FAQ you can find a guide to some of the most frequently asked about ingredients that may feature in either the gin, mixers, syrups, garnish or snacks included in our Gin of the Month boxes.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the ingredients used in either the gin or other items in our boxes and is only representative of the dietary information that has been declared by the manufacturer of the individual products we feature within our boxes. We recommend that you always read labels and packaging before consuming or using a product.

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