How do I cancel my membership?

We're sorry to hear that you're leaving the club! To cancel your membership, you'll need to log into your account, choose the ‘Account Details’ tab and click on ‘Want to cancel your membership’. This option takes you through our cancellation process.

When cancelling your membership, you will lose your reward points and you will forfeit any referral rewards that you have earned.

Having trouble logging in? Here's some tips! 

-Make sure you use the exact email address that you signed up with (this includes whether it was or

-If you've forgotten your password or want to reset it, simply click 'Forgot password' on the login page

-If it is not accepting your email address, and you're certain it's the correct one - try using the 'Haven't logged in before?' option on the login page. 

Please note - we charge you on the 23rd of the month prior to when your next box is due. To avoid being charged for the next box, you'd need to cancel before the 22nd at 6pm. If you cancel after the charge date, you'll still receive the next box. 

Still need help? Email us on [email protected]

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