Points for Products - 'How to' Guide

Redeeming your Points for Products (step-by-step)

With a range of offers available we’re sure you’ll find something to savour whether it’s adding a new twist to your next G&T or restocking with your favourite cocktail syrup. 

  1. To get started, simply log in to your account.
  2. You’ll then need to add one or more shop items to your basket before you can get your Points for Products offers. Choose any gin, tonic, mixer or bundle you’d like to buy from our online shop (no minimum order). 

Then, add your pick to your Basket.

  1. Visit your Members’ Area (clicking the icon in the top right of your screen). Once in the Members’ Area, visit the Rewards page. You’ll find your latest Points for Products picks in the ‘Choose a Reward Voucher’ section.

All our latest Points for Products offers are listed here, as well as the number of points you need to grab each one. With limited stocks, some items will go in a flash! 

To check your points, your current balance will be in the blue ribbon across your screen, or at the top of your Rewards page. 

  1. Simply ‘Select’ your chosen ginny treat or goodies, clicking the ‘Select’ button, then click ‘Yes’ which will add your Reward to your Basket. And you’ll then be whisked straight to the Checkout.

We’re happy to help if you need any assistance. Please email our Memberships Team at [email protected]

Happy shopping! 

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