What does 'best gin price guarantee' mean as a Member Reward?

What does ‘best gin price guarantee’ mean?

Our best gin price guarantee is a member reward that applies to member-only prices for craft gins on our online shop. It is only available to Craft Gin Club members - you lucky lot! The price shown is the best on the market (of any other standard UK retailer price available). This guarantee is not inclusive or representative of prices offered by any sales or promotions run by another UK retailer on any of these gins at any time. 

Does a ‘best price guarantee’ apply to other products on your online shop?

It’s just our gins that we’re offering the best price on to you lucky Craft Gin Clubbers - all part of the wonderful perks of being a member of the UK’s #1 gin club!

I’m not a member of Craft Gin Club - does your ‘best gin price guarantee’ apply to your standard price offered on your online shop?

Our ‘best gin price guarantee’ is only available as a reward for members of Craft Gin Club (so we’d advise joining the club should you wish to take advantage of this exclusive price!) Where possible, we’ll always try to match the distiller’s price for the standard price of the gins available on our online shop.

How do you ensure your prices are always competitive?

We have a dedicated team who keep a close eye and proactively check the prices of gins from other retailers to ensure that we’re keeping our best price guarantee up to date and in line with competitors. That way, Craft Gin Clubbers can always gin-joy the best price on their craft gins!

These prices must apply to the identical product and need to be publicly available and displayed on the competitor’s own shop or website

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